Minor Update in Ambee’s Life

Hello faithful blog readers! All… three of you.

I appreciate those of you still invested in my career. The upshot is, things are going well. I’m working at an amazing company that allows me to stretch my creative wings. I’m working on a unique video game with writing and situations that I don’t see in everyday games, and I’m really excited to see it released into the world. And I’m working on my own novel with an eye to self-publishing someday.

There was a time when I wouldn’t consider anything but traditional publishing. To me, trad publishing meant success. Not just in terms of sales or money, but the idea that someone valued my work enough that they were willing to back it. An advance and a marketing plan meant someone thought I was worth it.

My therapist keeps trying to convince me that writing itself is reward enough, and I don’t need to publish and/or receive public accolades to be worthwhile. I keep trying to believe her. But the more I learn about the current publishing industry and the way it treats writers—the more I learn about the industry of writing—the less I want to participate in it. I think sharing my work with readers directly might be the best way to go.

I’m not sure. I keep going back and forth. But there’s a few more months left to work on my book yet, then beta reading and editing. Etc. etc. Say, would you like to be a beta reader? Do you have experience? Hmu at amber@amberescott.com.

Anyway. Life is good, it could be worse. I hope everyone is creating and playing games and having a good time out there. Stay gold and all that.

Photo by Andrew Meehan on Unsplash

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