Articles & Interviews

“Mutants & Masterminds Monday with Amber Scott” (Green Ronin)
“I Put A Trans Character In A Game And Gamers Went Insane” (Mark Hill,
“The Struggle to Bring Back Baldur’s Gate After 17 Years” (Nathan Grayson,
“Beamdog Plays Siege of Dragonspear” (Beamdog YouTube Channel)
“Great (Amber) Scott!” (Know Direction Episode 77)
“Thoughts On the Tomb-Palace of Nakresh” (Kobold Press)
“Amber Scott’s Sword of Burning Gold: Inclusion In An Incursion” (Quinnae Moongazer, Nuclear Unicorn)
“A Song of Faith And Sexual Fire: How Roleplaying Game Religions Work As Moral Tools” (Katherine Cross,
“Fiction for an RPG Milieu: A Discussion with Amber E. Scott and Dave Gross” (Brent Jans, OnSpec Magazine Issue #97)
“Episode 7: Interview with RPG writer Amber E. Scott” (RPG Crossing Radio)
“The Heroic Storyteller” (Roberta Laurie, OnSpec Magazine Issue #94)
“Troy’s Crock Pot: The Very First RPG Superstar” (Troy E. Taylor, Gnome Stew)

Guest Appearances

GenCon Industry Insider 2017
PaizoCon Guest of Honor 2017
PureSpeculation Guest of Honor 2014

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