Current Project

For over a decade I’ve built a career as a freelance writer in the tabletop roleplaying game industry (including the Pathfinder RPG and Dungeons & Dragons). Now I’m focused on writing for myself.

My current project is a near-future cyberpunk action novel titled WIREGIRL. If you like kickass woman heroes, mutants and magic, car chases, drone warfare, explosions, sexy romantic subplots, betrayal and murder, cybernetics, and gritty retribution on the streets of Denver, this is the book for you.

I’m done my final edits on WIREGIRL and I’m actively looking for an agent and/or publisher. If you’re interested in representing me, or have a lead you think I should check out, feel free to send me an email!

While I pitch WIREGIRL, I’m also working on the sequel—WIREGIRL: DEATH RACE. It’ll feature even more car chases and explosions, additional betrayal and murder, but less gritty retribution.

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